Web camera c803

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The beefy 7" drivers are black rigid cones that are built to handle high power and a wide range of low and midrange frequencies.

(The speakers have a rated frequency range of 45-24k Hz.) According to Jamo, the cone consists of two layers of fiberglass, glued together air-tight around a paper honeycomb mesh.

With that being said, it has been a while since a product just blew my socks off. I contacted Jamo and inquired about getting a pair of speakers to review.

Visiting their website, I found that the Danish company has quite a large range of speakers.

The cabinets are rock solid, and have an interior cross brace, positioned just below the bass port near the back of the speaker. The cabinet has a sculpted design that curves gracefully on the top and sides.

The resulting look sets this speaker apart from other bookshelves before you even hook it up.

The bass was very well defined and warm, and you could almost hear the room the guitar amps and drums were recorded in.

I put them on 23" stands in my listening room which aligned the tweeters at ear level from the listening position - the desired placement for any bookshelf speaker.The top of the speaker is capped with a glossy piano black plate that accents the unique shape and adds a touch of elegance.The cabinet itself measures 8.9" wide by 15" high and is 13.4" deep. The fabric grill has a thin, low-profile plastic grill that is easily removable, and tapers slightly at the bottom, again adding a subtle touch of style to the overall appearance of the speaker.There are very few speakers that I have listened to this song through that can keep it sounding decent.The soundstage usually falls apart and gets pretty harsh.

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